Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pig love

yesterday after I posted, i went to Sals to meet Ian and Gerrard, but gerrard didnt turn up, so we gave up after waititng an hour for him. pretty much as soon as we got back to the lodge he arrived and was apaoligising for being late etc, and said that we should go back to his place then. he had a boda waiting outside so we agreed and went to get one. it transpired that the 3 of us were going to go all the way to Kahunga on the back on this one boda, which was defititely not a comfortable ride. it was about a 45 min journey, along increasingly narrow paths that were little more than foot paths. i was in what was probably the most comfortable posotion, in between ian and gerrard.

when we got there it was super rural, up on the mountain and we looked at his house that he is building for himself and the house he currently lioves in with his parents. it was super basic. no electricity or water. twe met his family and siblings, and his dad gave us some eggs from his chickens. the whole village came to look at us through the windows, they dont get to see very many mzungus around kahunga and kiyoora! i got asome amazing shots of the views from the house; it was serisouly a view that you would pay millions for in a more developed place.

after we got back from gerrards we had rolexes for dinner at the lodge, which was great. i played pool with the guys and strangely won both times, i insisted it was a fluke but they are now convinced that im a secret pool champion!

this morning before school the pig was delivered to the lodge, we are having it for dinner tonight. we have called it percy :)

i went to school for morning lessons and saw olivia, and her eyes are looking much better. no sign of anita though :(

tonight we are killing and eating the pig. super excited to have some meat!

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