Friday, 15 June 2012

Bus rides and boda accidents...

hey all!

i arrived in entebbe on tuesday morning where i got a taxi to kampala, and had some breakfast with paul. that was to be my last good meal for a while! then i got the bus to the lodge which was a bit scary as i was worried i wouldnt get on the right bus or they wouldnt stop in the right place, as i was the only person going to the lodge. It was fine though, paul arranged for a local guy to take me there and make sure i got on te right one. i had a seat for a while but then after the short call, (when i was too scared to get off in case they left without me, despite being desperate to pee) the 2 mzungus sat opposite me were nearly left behind, and a lady with a baby had got on the bus and sat in their seats when they were away. when they came back they made her move which i thought was really rude, it was their fault they were late! then she didnt have a seat and was sitting on the floor, but she had this teeny tiny baby so i let her have my seat and i sat on the floor. the whole bus was gasping and whispering about it, im not sure if they thought it was good or bad though!\

when i arrived it was so nice to see everyone, and there is a really nice group of voluteers here. marass came on wednesday night to make rolexes which was great and we are going to sals for clubbing tonight!

last night some dancing ladies came to show us traditional songs and dances, which was really interesting. they sang a song welcoming us in english and Amon had obviously tipped hem off about some of our names, as the were singing 'you are very welocome, mista roosy!' it took me a while to realise they were talking about me!

on my first night i made a bit of an entrance by getting a motorcycle lesson from adam, and crashing spectacularly into some bushes. i was completely fine, but i did look a complete twat. i think motorbikes are not for me!

this is about all i can manage, there is no power in town at the moment so im paying five times the usual price for the computer as its running off a generator. i'll post again soon!

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