Monday, 25 June 2012

bunyoni and breaking in...

Its been a little while since my last post as ive been on a bit of a holiday! On Thursday we killed the pig and had it for dinner, watcjhing it was super interesting, like a bio lesson, africa style. We didn’t eat anywhere near all of it, I think we managed about the ¼ of it and the staff will get to eat the rest. On friday night we went to sky blue for dinner as it was some people last night, and then we went to sals. Before we set off most people were up for sals, but by the time we got there there were only 3 of us brave enough! I cant belive how nervy some poeople are about it, they all think its really rapey or something but its not, the men will try it on and have a grind or whatever, but if you are like ‘seriously, no.’ then they will leave you alone. A bit like being in england really!

On Saturday morning we set off for lake bunyoni, getting a matatu taxi bus to kabale and then a private taxi to the lake. The geusthouse we were staying on was on an island, so they took us there in a dug out canoe, which was cool but very long and tiring! When wee got there the place was really nice, though we chose the most basic accomodation which was basically a big dorm, it was still comfortable. When we arrived we put all of our stuff in a locker and locked it with a cheap lock that Christie had brought, but when we came back to get our stuff later the lock was broken and wouldn’t open, so we had tp get a guy alomng to come and cut it off, it took him all of about 30 seconds with a hand saw. After that we just left our stuff under our beds and it was fine. It was kindof cold when we arrived but we were looking forwards to a swim in the morning. We sat in the bar just chilling and reading which was so nice, and we had amazing food. We went to bed quite early because there was no electricity and so we couldn’t really see after it got dark. Apparently I was screaming in the night, having slept silently the whole time ive been here I started mouthing off when in a room with a load of random germans!

The next mornming it was raining and cold again which was a bit rubbish so we didn’t swim, but just spent more time chilling out and eating nice food! The whole weekend cost me under 20 quid, including food and accomodation!

When we got back lat night the lodge was absolutely dead, everybody is away on safari and in kampala etc, so we were just chilling a bit more! The safari-ers are back tonight so it should be a bit more lively.

At school today the kids are all doing mid-terms, so we couldn’t do much with them, only supervise the exams. We ended up going back top the lodge to make posters and resources.

I came to town today to try and get cash but the ATM isnt working today so im probably going to have to come in tomorrow, which is super annoying.

Anita, the girl with malaria was finally back in school today, and she seemed much brighter, so I can finally stiop worrying about her!

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