Sunday, 10 June 2012

Back to the blog!

Long time no blog! Almost a year after I last went to Uganda, I'm returning for a second visit, and I leave tomorrow. Excited doesn't even cover it. 

I'm going back to the same lodge and the same school, which has had some pretty major changes since I was last there. I'm told that they now have something of the order of 400 children, when previously they had a little over half that! There are also 2 new classes and teachers, and a new head. Exciting stuff!

I'm staying in Ntungamo for a bit longer than I did last time too, spending nearly nine weeks there and then planning to spend about a week in Kampala and travelling around at the end. I want to do a couple more trips this time too, I think I will go on safari with Denis and I would like to go over to Rwanda for a couple of days too, as well as doing some of the more touristy stuff around Kampala and Jinja. 

I will obviously be posting here with regular updates throughout my stay, so make sure you stay tuned! 

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