Sunday, 17 June 2012

Clubbing and Comedy...

hey guys!

i havent posted in a few days because it has been really hard to get a space in an internet cafe. they are always rammed, when previously they were always really quiet.

the other day i was at school and Olivia who is one of the basbies i especially remember from last year came up to me looking pretty sorry for herself, and when i looked at her her eyes were really red and bloodshot. i pointed it out to they teacher and she told me that she had vbeen complaining thast they were hurting all morning, so i should take her to the hospital. i thought it looked like simple conjunctiovitis but im no doctor so off we went. when wearrived at the hospital the doctor asked her some questions about whether they hurt or if they were itchy etc, but she didnt seem to understand even though he was asking her in runyankole. the only thing i do know is that she told him they didnt hurt, which is the opposite to what she said before. very frustrating but i guess thats kids for you, he is referring her to the eye specialist as he didnt know what it was, so i have to take her back on monday for that.

on friday night we went out clubbing  to Sals, as is traditional, but hardly anybody wanted to come! 2 of my roommates came, and me, and then a few of the staff and Ian, another volunteer who is in his 60's. i was the only Mzungu woman, which attracted a bit of attention, including the village drunk who gave me a love letter, which is hilarious. how he managed to even write at that level of intoxication is beyond me, but there we are.

yesterday me and a couple of new people went to Mbarara for shopping, we had to buy ingredients for cake and bread to make in anne's solar oven. we also got ugandan football tops, which are fakes amazing, they say 'Ubanda' on them! when we got back we went to help paint some of the classrooms with the most watery paint ive every come accross, it took ages because you had to keep going over and over the same place to get any coverage. after that i did some training with one of the new girls, she is a PE teacher, i never thought id undertake this sort of thing willingly!

then lastnight we went to this 'variety performance' at the pub, which was completely bizarre, lots of singing miming and dancing, and also a comedy guy who was so weird it was hilarious. i seemed to be a favorite and got dragged on stage several times. in the beginning i was completely terrified but by then end i think i was too drunk to care!

this morning we made cake mixture with the ingredients i bought and put it in the solar oven to bake. the overn only got up to 120 degrees at its hottest so the cake has been in there for hours, though it is rising! while the cake was in the oven we went to church to see the singing, it was a bit uncomfortable though, they made a collection as usual but they spoke to us in english first and we had to introduce ourselves, and then they shouted out how much money each of us gave, and then the total for our group. they didn't do that to anyone else and the whole thing was pretty awkward.

later we are going to do some more painting and then get an early night, im seriously tired!

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