Thursday, 21 July 2011

markets and munchies...

so today has been fun, i'm feeling a lot better, so that has raised my spirits a lot!

last night marass came to make rolexes (chapatti, scrambled egg, cabbage, rolled up like a swiss roll) which i ate a bit of but i still wasnt really feeling up to much so i didnt buy a whole one. yesterday evening was really good socially actually, there was a nice atmosphere around the campfire (hieghtened by the presence of marshmallows for toasting!) and everyone was chatting away.

this morning we went into top class (the classes go baby, middle, top, primary 1, primary 2) to make bunting with them, which was great. they all tie dyed triangles of fabric and while we waited for the dye to take they wrote letters to be given to an english school when we get back. we tried to do it again in the afternoon with middle class but we ran out of time, so we'll do it with them tomorrow morning.

before that, there was a special assembly where the kids danced and sang for us whihc was really good, and i got some great video of it.

after school today it was market day so we came to town to go to the market, where i bought some fabric, which the sewing ladies at the lodge will make into trousers for me.

we also chowed down on a massive stick of sugar cane today, which is becoming more enjoyable the more i try it.

thats really all i have to tell you today!! excise my awful speeling, but this internet cafe keyboard keeps sticking!!

love, lucy xx

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