Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bazaar and barbers...

Last night we went to the bazaar for shopping and the men in the group went for a shave at a Turkish barber. My dad was very nervous and I think he was worried that we might laugh at him, so he wouldn't let any of us watch! We had to sneak up on him and take a picture in the mirror. Seb had a shave too and he liked it I think, but he wasn't sure what he thought when they started burning his ear hairs off!

Afterwards dad was actually really pleased that we got a picture and we had dinner and we shopped. I got a big box of Turkish delight, some 'genuine fake' sunglasses, (mine broke yesterday!) and this beautiful lamp for my room. My dad spend a ridiculous amount of money on an inlaid backgammon set, which is very beautiful, and I think I might be investing in a handbag. They are fake label but they are very good quality and I don't really care very much if it's fake as long as it's made of real leather and it looks nice.

Today we are going on the carpet trip and then to the hammam (tukish bath) for a body scrub and massage. Hopefully will post about that later, though probably the hammam will go on my beauty blog. I'm posting so much here because we have free wifi at this Marina, but tomorrow we won't so I'll be posting less!

Love, Lucy xx

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