Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Exam results

Hey lovelies!!

Yesterday I got my results of my IB diploma over the phone to the boat. I got 30 points and 13 at higher which is very irritating because for my uni place I needed only 24 points but 15 at higher. OI have rung em and emailed them and hopefully they will accept me anyway.

There were some tears when I found out as obviously I was gutted as east London is my top choice and there is no other uni offering that course, but I did still get into my insurance choice, so even if east London decide they don't want me at least I know I'm going to uni somewhere.

The boat is lovely and we have been doing some really cool things. We went on a trip and saw big turtles and some ruins, and we sailed along the dalyan river. Tomorrow we go on a cultured trip to see a gorge and a carpet factory and a mosque. Very interesting!

Tonight we are in fethieye which is quite big so there is a really nice Marina though I have to limp around as Paul, our captain told them that there was a disabled person inboard so that we didnt have to park miles out and walk for ages!

We are going shopping in the bazaar to get Turkish delight and other stuff, and I think my dad and Seb are going to a Turkish barber for a shave! I might see if there are any treatments I can have done and if I find some I will post about them on my beauty blog!

Mucho love, Lucy xx

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