Thursday, 14 July 2011

Days 1 and 2 in Uganda!

i arrived two days ago but i had my first full day yesterday, and i went to school to see the children. in the morning i was in baby class 1, which was interesting for a while but kindof dull, because all we did really was sit and watch th teacher teaching the kids, and we sharpened a whol pot of pencils. in the afternoon they really needed someone to cover a lesson, so me and another girl named Harri taught the lesson to middle class.

it was really hard to keep thinking of things to do with them, but we got through it in the end. today i went to ruhanga boys which is just down the road and is actually a mixed school. they have a real lack of teachers and there didnt seem to be any around at all. i had nothing planned bcause i was expecting there to be a teachr, but when i got there there was just a group of kids sat ready on the mats. it was really hard to wing it and just think of something, especially as i was on my own. the teacher eventually arrived, and i was really relived, but sh just saw me and left again!

this morning there was a special assembly where the kids sang and danced for us and a preacher came and spoke. it was very cute and interesting to see thier way.

i also had my first pee incident today. a little girl called prossy who normally hates msungus took a shin to me and spent the morning on my hip or in my lap. that is, until she peed all over me. i had to run back to the lodge and get changed!!gross. but apparently its a fairly common occourence.

the food isn't great, but last night we had deep fried battered kassava, which doesnt really tast of anything but its ok with ketchup. i also ate the beans they had on offer with spaghetti today, whihc was a bit odd but actually tasted ok.

showering is NOT cool. they are FREEZING, colder than the cold tap at home, and you just can't stand under it, you have to put like one arm in, and then the other, and keep most of your body outside of the sprayer. i braved it today but i dont think i'll be doing it again soon, it'll be bucket washes using a kettle in future!!

oh, PS, i got into east london!!!!

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