Wednesday, 11 July 2012

a quick update...

hey guys, sorrys its been so long since i last posted.

blogger has been doing some wierd shit and suddenly decided it didnt like the browser installed on the internet cafe computers, so im writing this in a different internet cafe, where it still says the browser is incompatible, but will load the page and work perfectly.

on friday morning we drove back to the lodge, Paul and Tariq were on their way to lake bunyoni for the weekend so they gave me a lift. when we arrived back i was told that the staff at the lodge had cut the lock off my door because they thought everybody had gone home, even though im here for another six weeks. i was a bit annoyed because although they replaced the lock, the one they replaced it with has a key rather than a combination, so if new people join me in my room it will be really annoying as there is only one key. also, all of the locks in the shops here have at least 3 keys, so i wonder if the staff now have access to my room... :/

anyway, when i got t\back there were loads of new people, it was a bit wierd, i felt like a stranger in my home! including a 16 year old boy who came with his foster father. his name is ben, and he has asbergers, so he comes over a bit immature but hes really sweet.

anyway, nothing major has happened the last few days apart from that, ive just been going to school every day and trying to impart some wisdom on the kids. ive been going on quite a lot of walks with the kids and doing the so called 'sweetie walk' a few times, which is basically when you walk through the hills giving sweets to any passing children.

at school one of the teachers babies that i know from last year who remembers me and always comes running up to me finally said my name today, which was so nice. she usually comes running over and says 'Mzungu, Agandi?' which basically means, hello white person, how are you? and i would reply with 'ndyaho', which means im fine, and then i would say 'no mzungu, my name is Lucy' but she's only 2 and she would always just look at me and laugh, but today she came running over and she was like 'Mzungu LUCY, agandi?!' and she was so excited that she knew my name, it was so cute!

i didnt go to sals on friday because nobody else was going, whihc was a bit dissapointing, but we had a reallyy nice night in the lodge anyway. now that dennis is back i've had quite a few nice evenings in the lodge actually, and on monday we went out for dinner and drinks because it was one of the new volunteers 18th birthday.

last night a few people organised a quiz, and we came 3rd, missing 1st by only 3 marks. tonight mrass is coming to make rolexes which is good, im dying for a good meal. when i got back from my week in kampala everybdy said i looked like id massively lost wieght, all of the a\staff at the lodge kept asking if i was ok, i couldnt work out why they were asking, and then i sat with one of them and he was like 'you are so skinny now, are you sick?' i was like er no?! i didnt know whether to be offended or pleased with that!

ive got a beast of a cold now which is really annoying, all of the kids have colds and its so easy to pick them up.

the other day me and one of the other volunteers, Sarah, walked this little boy home from school. ive not been that way before and when we got there it was a really nice house, brick built and even had glass in the windows. the baby had smallpox though (do we get vaccinated against that in the UK or has it just been eradicated?) and when we wnet inside the mother insisted we sit down and she was like 'you must eat, what would you like?' and i knew it might be abit like that because ive been in that situation before but we just tried to make an excuse, and while we were explaining that we had to go back t the lodge for dinner we both saw something move and looked up, there was this ENORMOUS rat running allong the top of the wall, we made our excuses and left pretty quickly after that!!

i dont really have anything else to say at the minute, sorry for the disjointed post!

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