Monday, 16 July 2012

Disapointing chickens....

hey all

the last few days havent been all that eventful, but ill give you a rundown anyway. on friday we went out for dinner and then went to sals. last week when we went to sky blue for dinner i had chicken and chips and it was actually really nice, the chicken had a fair bit of meat on it and was cooked nicely, so this week i ordered it again but it was completely different, no meat on it at all and it looked like it had been grilled for hours, it was completely dried up. anway, we pre-ordered our food because they take ages to bring it anway, but they brought it out pretty much as soon as we arrived, and so by the time we finished it was still too early really to go to sals for clubbing, so we hung around for as long as possible and then went to sals a bit early at about nine. we would normally go at about ten or half past but we thought it would be ok. when we arrived it was really dead, there was absolutely nobody there so we just sat at a table and chatted a while. MK, one of the teachers was there though and some of the staff from the lodge, and he came running up to me in the dark outside the club, scared the crap out of me!

after a while it livened up a bit and we actually had a really good night, lots of mzungus came and danced etc, and there were quite a lot of boys at the lodge at the time, which meant that there was always somebody you could grab and pretend to be married to nearby! some people left at like midnight but it got really god after that, somebody asked them to play the venga boys and i got so excited singing to it that i dislocated my jaw. everybody thought it was so funny and didnt help me at all, it was really painful!!

a few days ago, i cant remember what day exactly, i think it was thursday, i got shown this kid with a gammy foot. i took him to the lodge to get a better look and when i got there i realised that it was actually really bad and he had been burned all between the webspace of his toes and the skin was essentially rotting. it was also really dirty and full of grass and stuff, which obviously wasnt ideal. i took him off to hospital and the doctor recognised me and gave some medication for the infection, and then sent be back to the lodge to clean it. that was exactly what i didnt feel equipped to do but i didnt really have a choice, so i spent about 2 hours trying to clean this thing while he screamed the place down, it was completely horrible and in the end i had to leave a blade of grass in it because everytime he saw that i had tweezers in my had he went absolutely mental, even thought i was trying super hard not to hurt him and we had put loacl anaeasthetic on it and stuff, i think he was more upset because he was scared and he didnt undertsand what was going on than because we were hurting him. i did get it much cleaner than it was anbd we gave him some shoes and its been looking much better the last few days.

i dont really want to abandon this post half way through but i have a boda driver waiting outside who is getting restless!! will finish this tomorrow xxx

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