Friday, 5 August 2011

long time no blog...

hey all! its been an eventful few days; so much so that i had to take notes on my phone so i would remember what had happened and when!

on tuesday night i was just at the lodge and not much really happened, we had a quiz and a big load of new people arrived.

on wednesday morning i had to make my way to kampala on my own which was a little daubnting but turned out fine. when i got there i couldnt get hold of becca who i was meeting or paul so i had a bit of a panic but paul soon called me back, and i met up with him in a really nice italian restaurant for lunch. the boda boda driver whop took me there tried to rip me off so badly! it should have been about 3000 shillings but he tried to charge me 10000. i gave him 4000.

once i had met up with everyone we went to a craft market and bought lots of souvenirs and stuff. then we all made our way back to pauls for a shower and we went out for the evening, whihc was certainly interesting! we went for dinner at an amazing indian restaurant and then went to an irish pub (wierd to go to an irish pub in uganda, i know), and then a club called iguana, which contained a fair few mzungus! kampala is like mzungu city, it feels so wierd after being in ntungamo for so long. we were as bad as the ugandans, shouting mzungu! every time we saw someone!

we bumped into several friends of paul and tarik while we were out, and one of them bought us some absolutley vile shots, with kalhua at the bototm and baileys on top. before i'd even swallowed it i know i was going to vom. most of the other girls were sensible and took them away to drink them, before passing them on to grateful locals.

we got back tot he flat and went to bed at half four, and then our alarms went off at half five to get up and go to the place where we were getting picked up to go to jinja. thankfully the bus ride was long so we got a bit more sleep.

when we got to jinja they gave us egg and suasage on a stick before bundling us into helmets and lifejackets and onto the rafts.

the rafting was something else. great fun, but bloody terrifying and quite painful at times!! we did about 8 rapids in total, one of which is named 'the bad place', and we didnt intend to go into it, we decided to go along side in one called 50 5o. well, the current was too strong and we were pulled into the bad place, capsizing and resulting in becca getting a black eye, nicola vomiting and me dislocating both shoulders. that one wasnt much fun. after that though we had lunch and we did some more, which we remained upright for, and we thouroughly enjoyed those ones!

once your raft touches land your hour of free booze begins, so we made a mad dash up the hill to the bar, (i wasnt even drinking!) some poeple managed to fit in 4 beers! after that we had an hours drive back to jinja, but we had to make a toilet stop for the people who had been drinking!

the dorms at jinja were really nice with 3 layer bunk beds and a nice bar and restaurant, whihc had a great view of the bungee tower!

this morning some of the girls did a bungee jump and i was the desiganted photographer, i got some great shots! we then made the journey6 back to kampala to pauls to pick up everyones stuff, and i decided to stay overnight and go back and meet the others at bunyoni in the morning, as they wont get back to the lodge until early hours of tomorrow anyway.

phew! sorry for the factual post, but so much happened i just needed to get it down. i wont be posting again untill i get back froim bunyoni on monday, or it could even be tuesday

love, lucy xxx

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