Thursday, 11 August 2011

gorillas and getting admitted

just a very quick post today to elt you all know that i'm leaving for gorilla ntracking tonight, and i will be tracking tomorrow! so excited, and this was quite unexpected and sudden that we are going so soon!

i ended up at hospital today again, with a poor child who was so ill i'm not sure she'll make it through the night. she had a temperature of 40 degrees, a racing pulse, she was shaking and said she had a headache. she was breathing really shallowly and fast, and she refused to eat. her mother insisted she was fine, as did several other staff at the school. i took her to hospital and she was admitted fairly sharpish. i still fear she wont be there when i get back tomorrow.

her mother eventually came after a bit of persuading and being given the money for transport. she said she would come quickly to try and persuade the hospital to let her daughter out! its so frustrating that the parents of these children dont ever bring them for treatment, even when they are at deaths door.

that is all thats really being happening at my end, i'll post as soon as i get back from the gorillas and i've been to visit her a the hospital.

love, lucy xxxx

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