Friday, 10 August 2012

Bunyoni and beyond...

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in so long, it's been a nightmare trying to get online. I'm now around Kampala so my posts should be more frequent as most places have free wifi. 

At the weekend I went to lake bunyoni with quite a few of the other volunteers, which was fun. It was really good weather, unlike last time, so I spent a lot of time swimming, and hopefully not catching bilharzia. The food was amazing, I ate so much crayfish, Garlic and cheese, all of which are treats we don't get at the lodge. 

The past few days we have just been chilling, as it's been summer school. The summer school was quite a different set up to last year, with only the older classes coming in and having actual structured lessons and long breaks for play. I can't help thinking that this is more constructive, but I do feel a bit sorry for the kids not getting to just relax, and also sorry for the little ones who aren't allowed to come in for play in the summer, like they used to. 

On Wednesday all six of us who were leaving the lodge and a few other volunteers went out for lunch, taking oz, Alex and Boaz with us. They all work in and around the lodge and are really lovely, we have all spent a lot of time with them. The lunch was... Amusing, as usual for sky blue! We waited for our food for a long long time and it arrived in dribs and drabs, with the people who were served first finishing before the rest of us even got our food! 

Yesterday morning we got up at an ungodly hour to sort our stuff out and catch the post bus. I was kind of sad leaving the lodge but it wasn't that bad as most of the kids aren't around now and I was leaving with most of my friends that I've made here, so I didn't feel like I was leaving much behind. On our last night morass came and made rolexes, which was really nice. Last week we realised that he doesn't actually own his own cook wear, and when he comes to cook for us he has to borrow from the kitchen at the lodge, which isn't exactly overflowing with equipment either. Anyway, last week the frying pan he was using was from the kitchen and the handle was broken and kept swivelling round, which led him at one point to spill hot oil all over his feet. I went into town and tracked down a frying pan for him (it was much harder than I expected!) and presented it to him yesterday before he started cooking, and he was really happy, which was nice. 

When we arrived in Kampala yesterday, I had arranged a driver to pick us up but when we arrived he wasn't there! I called him and he said he was on his way and would be there very soon. We waited about half an hour longer and then I called him again, at which point he said he had been trying to call but couldn't get through, and was in the completely wrong place! I was very clear that we needed to be picked up from the post office, so I don't really know how that went wrong! We just jumped in a taxi, anyway, which was cosy with six mzungus and a driver!

We got to the hostel and just dumped our stuff, and then went straight back out to Mediterraneo, where I had the most amazing steak. I don't think I could have been happier at that moment! After we ate we went back to backpackers and had (hot!) showers, got ready and went out to the Irish pub for a pub quiz. We came 5th out of ten, which wasn't too bad, it was a really hard quiz! While we were there I bumped into Hannah who I met last year and hung out with quite a lot, which was really nice. We went back to the hostel at a fairly reasonable time, as we had to get up at six this morning to come to Jinja. 

We got up at about six fifteen in the end and went and waited for our bus, which was only a bit late. Most people slept on the journey but I couldn't sleep at all, it was ok once we could see the Nile as its pretty cool to look at. Now we are sitting in the bar at adrift eating breakfast and waiting for Helen, Sarah, Jonny and Stewart to bungee jump! 

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