Thursday, 23 June 2011

Packing and Organising Chaos!

hello, my little blogsters. while i write this post, i'm very aware that i have no followers, but i recon by next week at least my granny will be reading this, so hi granny!

while i haven't actually left yet, i am thinking about my trip every day, and as i'm going to be in Turkey with my family in the week before i depart for Uganda (stopping off in london for just over 24hours between countries!) i need to start thinking about packing.

as an immensly organised person who loves to make lists and plan in advance, this excites me greatly :)

but below is the scene that ecompasses the main floor space in my room. the space in the middle is where i sat to sort things!!

the pile of stuff at the top of the picture is my Uganda shrine, where i put all of the stuff i need to take with me, mainly donations that people have given for the children to use and play with.

the list making is going strong, and i've been digitalising everything on my iphone so i can carry it all with me.

oh god. i seem like monica from freinds. i'm quite normal really. honest.

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  1. am following you, i hope to get to know how well your volunteer work goes